Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Racism at DOJ

J. Christian Adams at Pajamas Media tells us about the Inspector General's report that details racism at DOJ.  The investigation was originally started to uncover the facts about the New Black Panther case, but the more they looked the more they found systemic racism in Eric Holder's department.
Though the report took almost four years to complete, it was worth the wait. Though the report commenced as an investigation into the New Black Panther dismissal, seemingly every rock the investigators turned over resulted in more creatures fleeing the sunshine. The final report captures a range of outrageous conduct,
More at the link, but it appears that Holder's DOJ, and specifically the Voting Rights section, doesn't believe that black defendants can violate the Voting Rights Act.
Additionally, some of these individuals, including one current manager, admitted to us that, while they believed that the text of the Voting Rights Act is race-neutral and applied to all races, they did not believe the Voting Section should pursue cases on behalf of White victims.”
Isn't that special?  Racism in the Justice Department.  Who'd have thunk it?

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