Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Trash-Talk

The idea of Obamacare is just starting to kick in with a lot of people and they're starting to see the light.  Some folks will never see the light, and this cartoon from the Grouchy Old Cripple illustrates it precisely.

You can look for more and more of that to happen under the current regime.  Look for more layoffs in the various industries, look for other employers to cut employees under the magical fifty, look for part-time workers to have their hours reduced.  Business exists to make money for the shareholders, not to pay for health care.  Many employers feel that healthy, happy employees are more productive and many employers offer a health plan as part of a benefit package, but under this government program, it's easier to scale back employee costs than to try to expand your business.

William Baldwin, over at Forbes, talks about states in a death spiral, which he defines as those states who have more people who take from the government than folks who pay money to the government.  It's an interesting article, and you should go read it.

In the good news pile, we find that there is research in Virginia that more guns does not equal more crime, in fact, the opposite might be true.
“So while it’s difficult to make a direct causal link (that more guns are resulting in less crime), the numbers certainly present that that’s a real possibility,” Baker added. The opposite – that more guns are causing more crime – cannot be derived from the numbers, he said. “It’s mathematically not possible, because the relationship is a negative relationship – they’re moving in the opposite direction,” Baker said. “So the only thing it could be is that more guns are causing less crime.”
That is truly interesting.


Old NFO said...

Yep, and those 'leaders' of the pack are all democratic states... sigh

Pawpaw said...

Actually, old friend, there are four red states on that list. In no particular order, AL, MS, SC, and KY. The blue states on the top ten list are NM, CA, MN, NY, IL, and HI.

Four are red, six are blue.