Saturday, November 17, 2012

Obama's Economy

What we've learned since the election ain't looking so good for the home team.  According to Investor'

Earnings are falling, poverty is rising, food stamp enrollment is skyrocketing, inflation is creeping, coal plants are closing, and small banks are disappearing.  When you take away the Twinkies, it looks like a bad omen for our economy.

As Instapundit says, Obama is going to need a new scapegoat soon.

Oh, and General Petraeus tells us that the original CIA talking-points memo blamed Al-Queda affiliates immediately after the attack on Benghazi.  He doesn't know who removed it from the memo that Susan Rice saw.

Just in time for my Saturday afternoon nap.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, sadly WE are going to be the scapegoats!

Termite said...

If he had any honor at all, he would have ignored the backblast, employed "Scorched Earth", and crippled BHO and the WH.