Saturday, September 15, 2012

Poor Optics

I'm near-sighted.  I see fine up close, but I need optical help to see at distance.  It's very common.  I understand the need for glasses, I've worn them most of my life.  What I don't understand is people who refuse to see things that are plainly evident.

Our president's mouthpiece says that the outrage over the Muzzie film is not directed at the United States.

Al-Qaeda says that its adherents should target US diplomats.

There's a serious disconnect in the White House.  Our president fails to understand that we're at war.  As I said earlier, I have no sympathy for the nitwit film-maker, but wonder at the stance of the Obama administration over the targeting of US diplomats.  Do they need new glasses?  Maybe it's time for an eye exam.  We'll make an appointment for November.  How does the first Tuesday sound?

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