Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gas Prices

If you're like me, you've noticed a recent spike in gasoline prices.  Two weeks ago I was paying considerably less than the $3.44.9 I paid yesterday.  I'm not the only one noticing, and it looks as if we're in for higher prices for at least the near future.  That can't bode well for our President, as rising gasoline prices put a crimp on other forms of consumer spending.  I've got to have a certain amount of gasoline to get to work every day and to run those errands that are necessary to life in small-town Louisiana.  Money I spend at the pump  is money I can't spend elsewhere and my spending goes down.

The economy is the main thing on most peoples minds and high gasoline prices don't comport well with a rebound in the economy.  I wonder about a President who won't help us with rising energy costs, and I wonder about a vice-president who doesn't know which century we're living in.  I'm also concerned about a President whose judgement is such that he keeps Uncle Joe on as his veep pick.  I'm sure that the President had nothing to do with that refinery fire in California, but I would think that he would have some impact on the curtailed production in.  He is from Illinois, isn't he?  High gasoline prices are a drag on the economy and we can't afford anything dragging on the economy right now.

We go to the polls in November, about 11 weeks away.  Hopefully the guys we elect in November will do a better job than the guys we elected four years ago.

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