Friday, June 22, 2012


With the news this week concerning Fast and Furious, some who are only now hearing about the scandal and wondering what the big deal is?  The scandal is simply an unlawful operation from the White House that broke US laws, caused the deaths of hundreds of Mexican nationals, and at least two US law enforcement officers. 
The House committee investigating Fast and Furious has received more than 7,600 documents from the Justice Department, but Republican lawmakers say none addresses who approved the gunrunning probe, who failed to stop it before a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed and why department officials initially lied to Congress about it.
Those are the questions that are yet to be answered, and they've already been answered in the media if you care to follow the dots. Those dots don't arise to the level of convictable evidence, but they're damning enough.

Obama approved it. He told Sarah Brady as much last summer and she told Fox News that gun control was still on the agenda, but had to be conducted under the radar.

Who failed to stop it?  Eric Holder failed to stop it.  That's why he's been caught in lies to Congress.  He'd rather do anything than admit that he knew about it, much less failed to stop it.  When you have DOJ officials taking the Fifth in testimony before Congress, you know the stench goes all the way to the top.

Our President wants gun control and knew that he would have to make an effort, so this effort was undertaken in violation of the law.  Felonies were committed at the highest levels of the US government, by the official occupant of the White House.  He's now claimed executive privilege

The President of the United States is a felon.  Plain and simple.  He ordered the Attorney General to undertake an operation in violation of US laws that resulted in the deaths of people, including US citizens.  The fact that our President is a felon is nothing new.  What is new is now his felonious nature has caused the deaths of people.

That's what Fast and Furious is all about.

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