Monday, October 08, 2018

Considering the Next One

Now that Justice Kavanaugh is sworn in, SCOTUS-watchers should consider the next chapter in this continuing drama.

Madam Justice Ginsburg might serve for many more years, and I certainly don't wish her any ill-will or trauma, but the simple fact is that she was born in 1933 and the actuarial tables are conspiring against her.  We do have a national referendum in five weeks, and if the adults turn out to vote, we might see a more solid Republican majority.

Lindsey Graham is certainly one of the adults in the room, and he has challenged Chuck Schumer (who needs to grow up) to pick a potential nominee from the list that President Trump has published.  That seems like an adult thing to do.  The President isn't keeping it a secret, and if  Schumer could act like an adult and take care of business, then maybe we will avoid all this nonsense next time.

The simple fact is that President Trump is liable to be privileged to nominate at least one more Justice.  Ginsburg could have done the honorable ting and stepped down during the Obama administration, but she didn't.  It becomes more apparent every day that Trump might pick her successor.  And, that's nobody's fault but hers.


Old NFO said...

Oh so true, and you know it's going to be a meltdown on the left when it happens!!!

Javahead said...

“Honorable” and “RBG” are not closely related terms. Her leaving the court can’t come too soon.

Anonymous said...

To prevent future last minute claims it should also incorporate a time after which forever hold your peace since they have the list.