Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Good Doctor's Appointment

I haven't seen my Doc in over a year.  His schedule got garflungled and my schedule got garflungled, and we couldn't get it together.  Until today.

My numbers are okay.  Better than normally okay.  I'm good for another six months, when we'll try to get our act together again.

In truth, we spent most of our time talking about government regulations, and the impact of the Democrats on medicine, and how horribly wrong Obamacare is working out. Doc tells me that he spends over half his time taking care of government, rather than taking care of people.  Something is horribly out of whack, and we need to get the government out of our Doctor's offices.

But, the good news is that I'll probably live another six months.  If he thought I was in any danger, he'd have set the appointment sooner.

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The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Nice to know that you are in good shape. Going to the doctor and leaving with no bad news is a great thing!