Friday, July 14, 2017


Denial is more than a river in Egypt.  And the Democratic party is still overcome with denial.  Here, we have race-pimp Jesse Jackson proclaiming to the faithful that the election was stolen.

Yeah, sure, Jesse.  Might I suggest that a refresher course in the workings of the electoral college,?  It might do you some good to understand how we elect a president.  Or, you could just continue to display the ignorance you are known for.

Jesse loved the Obama years, not because we had a black president, but because Obama set race relations back two decades.  When race relations are good, race-baiting pimps like Jess Jackson become irrelevant, and if Jackson can't stand one thing, it's being irrelevant.  Jackson has always made his living by soaking donations from the black, working poor.   He's a race-baiting street hustler of the worst kind.  He preys on his own people, simply for his own enrichment.

Oh, how I loathe the man.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa, he/it pops back into the limelight.....I was wondering when those racebaiters/ Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would pop back up.
So after ALL of this time....this is all he has!?!??!!? After lying low for soooo long; all he can do is declare that the election was stolen!?!??!??! Hee, hee. Maybe some of that magic powder those doods use was too strong for 'em.