Saturday, December 17, 2016

Obama Limps Away

IT seems that POTUS gave his final press conference of 2016 yesterday, deflating the liberal media's expectations.  I don't know what the media was expecting, but the liberal world was abuzz with anticipation.   Maybe they thought that he was going to some out swinging about the illegitimate election.  No. He basically told the media that the Hillary loss was their fault.
The president, who was delivering his final 2016 news conference, implied the media’s “obsession” with Clinton’s leaked emails did more damage to the former secretary of state than the Russian cyber attacks against Democratic political networks.
Then, he went on to blame everything else on someone else.  None of this is his fault.
And then there was a pre-Festivus Airing of Grievances. Any discord in America or the world was due to Republicans, Assad, fake news, the DNC, guns, Putin, the press, Wikileaks, Hillary, or Iran (wait, I thought he fixed Iran).
And, he told them to "get over it" about the election.
 Rather than calling for more agitation, Obama recommended that Hillary voters accept their loss. “What I think is important for the Democratic Party is going forward, rather than try to parse every aspect of the election.”
Then he turned and limped toward Air Force One.  His family is taking an extended vacation in Hawaii.   A fitting end to a disastrous presidency.  He should just stay in Hawaii.  There is really no reason for him to come back to Washington.  He's done.  If need be, we can fax it in.


Old NFO said...

Sadly, I don't think we'll be rid of him, even after 20 Jan... sigh

Anonymous said...

Yep, Old NFO, I have to agree. He's like a herpes virus, lingering in the background, kinda like shillary.

BobF said...

Has there ever been a very narrowly targeted tsunami? Is one possible? All I want for Christmas is...

The daughters are innocents. But he and mooch are worthy of whatever.