Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Election Fraud

Election Fraud.  Yeah, it never happens if you listen to certain folks in government.  The only problem is that it is happening on a regular basis.  To wit.

Chicago is known for rampant voter fraud.

Young Democrats in Virginia are registering dead people to vote for Hillary.

More news of Virginia election fraud.

Here's news of voter fraud in Philly.

Oh, look.  Voter fraud in Indiana.

So, okay, voter fraud happens a lot, and it seems to benefit Democrats.

And, in eight years of fundamental transformation, Obama has weaponized the IRS at the same time that he was neutering the FBI.  There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, in anybody's mind but hers and Comey's.

So, we come to a United States where voter fraud is rampant, the government is corrupt, and institutions I respected have shown that they are brazenly political and partisan.

And really, it's hard for me to say this.  The FBI agents I've known have been dedicated, smart, hardworking, fearless individuals.  Really great folks.  Over a 35 year career in law enforcement, I've been a big fan of the FBI.  Over the last 90 days, my opinion of that organization has changed so completely that if an FBI agent walked in and asked for my help, I'd be forced to tell him or her that she needed either a warrant or a subpoena.  Really, it's that bad.

So, we come to the final stretch of the election, and the choice is to either elect Hillary, or not.  I chose not.  It looks like the system is rigged (read all the links above and tell me who is going to jail?)  Trumps supporters may be deplorable, but Hillary's are despicable.

Today, the feds dropped a case against an gun-runner who threatened to reveal what he knows about Hillary's Libya debacle.  The entire Obama administration has thrown itself fully behind the Clinton candidacy, damn the law, damn morality, damn transparency.

I'm still optimistic, but I'm also realistic.  If Hillary wins, I'll have zero confidence in the federal agencies of the US Government.  It looks like I'm not alone.


Steve Sky said...

Hi PawPaw,
It gets much worse...
Emailgate Just Got Even Better, FBI Destroyed Laptops Of Clinton Aides In Immunity Deal

Joe Mama said...

I wonder what foreign leaders thought when they heard that Hillary asked "Can't we just 'drone' that guy."

In a foreign embassy.

In London, a British city.

I bet they hacked up hair balls.

Anonymous said...

Obama has to have Clinton secede him; he needs her Presidential pardon.


JayNola said...

I think it's more that only Trump is mad dog crazy enough not to guarantee a presidential pardon for the outgoing president. Honor among thieves dictates that any incoming president would pardon any previous office holder. Probably not right but probably true. Remember there aren't really 2 parties, just the bacon wrapped shrimp party.