Monday, August 01, 2016

The Latest Outrage

When I checked comments o this post, about the BATFE whining about not being able to register everyone who owns a gun, I started seeing comments about something entirely different, another outrgage perpetuated upon us by our president.  It seems that he signed some executive order that required the DDTC (Directorate of Defense Trade Contractors) concerning implementation of ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations).

So, I started digging around, and the best explanation I can come up with so far, is here.   It's an outrage, but it's about what I expect from the closing months of the Obama.  His entire tenure has been an outrage as far as I'm concerned, but it looks like in these last months, he's going to try to quietly damage us as much as possible.

The internet community is outraged, and I admit that I'm not learned enough in the law to understand the full ramifications yet.  However, among other things, it looks like this new interpretation might affect your local neighborhood gunsmith adversely.  Even so much as threading a Cricket barrel for a  customer might put that gunsmith afoul of ITAR, even if he's never been a defense contractor or engaged in international trade.  This new interpretation is both outrageous and an unforced error.  Obama is not helping Hillary a bit by doing this.  All this latest outrage will do is galvanize opposition.

Some of the more outrageous things I'm reading is that even if you reload a single round of ammunition, you'll be in violations, subject to a million dollar fine and twenty years in prison.  Frankly, guys, I doubt that.  I think that the key words in this whole brouhaha are "in the business of", and as long as you're not selling reloaded ammunition, (which already requires a license), you'll be okay.

Obama will be in office another 171 days as of this writing.  Expect more outrageous actions from him until his time is over.  And, try not to get yourself in a lather.  Be vigilant, of course, but don't play into his script.  Just vote.


Robert Fowler said...

I'm not worried and I am in the business. I hold a 06 ammunition manufacturer licence along with my regular FFL. I don't sell anything to the government and I don't export anything.

Joe Mama said...

I apologize for the late comment.

The Supreme Court judged that the fines associated with non-compliance to Obamacare's "must be insured" were a tax.

They allowed Obamacare, as written, because Congress has the Constitutional duty to levy taxes.

This piece of "law" levies $2250 per year fees. I do not see the difference between Obamacare's fees and this "law's" fees...except Obamacare was passed by Congress.

The Executive branch cannot pass taxes. If a fee is tax, then the Executive Branch cannot impose fees. It seems pretty straight forward to me.