Monday, April 04, 2016

A Nation of Laws

Victor Davis Hanson posts an article over at PJ Media, where he talks about America and the perception that we are a nation of laws - sort of.

As evidence, he posits that over 300 US cities have claimed themselves to be "santuary" cities and have decided that US laws on immigration simply don't exist in their jurisdictions.  President Obama has himself voided much of the immigration law for Spanish-speaking immigrants, refusing to enforce the laws on the books.

Free speech, per se, no longer exists on many campuses.  And, while we're talking about academia, it's tough to be a white male on many campuses because of the lack of due process over sexual assault violations.  What was once considered perfectly normal human sexuality is now perceived as an assault.  No doesn't mean no, and yes certainly cannot be construed as consent.  It's bewildering.  When you add "safe zones" and "trigger warnings" it is remarkable that any rationally intelligent person would go to a university these days.

But when we consider that the presumptive Democratic nominee is under an active FBI investigation with a reported 140+ FBI agents working her case, the mind simply boggles.  In case no one has heard, Hillary Clinton is under investigation for charges that might include damaging the nations security, failure to protect classified information, conspiracy, and evasion of public transparency laws.
Any fair reading of State Department and general federal government laws regarding the use of classified information by federal employees makes it is clear that Hillary Clinton violated the law—both by improperly setting up her own private server, and then by sending information through it that was classified. And it is evident that Clinton went to such extraordinary lengths in order to mask her communications and shield them from the sort of Freedom of Information Act suits that now are plaguing her—and that she arbitrarily decided which of her private server emails were public and which private, and then simply destroyed thousands of them without audit.
If we are still a nation of laws, Hillary will go to jail.  If we are still a nation of laws, city officials who refuse to enforce immigration law will go to jail.  If we are still a nation of laws, predatory females who falsely accuse men of sexual violence will go to jail.

Professor Hanson finishes strongly, as he always does.
 The end of constitutional America comes not loudly and suddenly with jackboots and brown-shirt thugs, but more insidiously with soft-spoken totalitarians and their “noble” appeals to advancing fairness, diversity, and equality—while identifying as enemies of the people any who commit thought crimes and thus as obstructionists deserve exactly what they get.


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Jonathan H said...

In many of these areas I see hypocrisy and uneven application of the law depending on how the particular law in question supports or opposes your views.
For example, many of these sanctuary cities won't go as far as federal law on immigrants, marijuana, or prosecuting crime (or which they generally have above average amounts), but they often add to federal law in other areas, particularly anti-gun laws, zoning, permitting, environmental, and other regulations.
These difference really grate on me - do they bug anybody else?