Monday, January 04, 2016

Fight the NRA

President Obama is set to roll out some new executive orders this week, and in his weekly address, he urges citizens to fight the NRA.
In the address, Obama went on to urge citizens to stand up against the groups like the National Rifle Association, with which he has had a contentious relationship since entering office.
Reading that, ir appears that our Uniter-In-Chief is once again pitting one American against another.  That's become his standard of politics.  Now, he wants to pick a fight with the NRA.  That will be good for his base, but it's a bad idea all the way around.   The NRA has a lot of members.

While actual membership is hard to pin down because subscriptions expire and new members join, most disinterested observers place the membership at something over 4 million members.  However, the political clout of those 4 million members is multiplied when you think of all the voting clout that those 4 million members generate.  Just as an example, my single membership probably exerts influence on a half-dozen voters.  Milady isn't a member, but she shares my views.  I don't know which of my children are members, but they certainly share my views.

Yesterday while shooting with the family in the back yard, I realized that I needed another duffel bag to store range gear. I made a mental note to start looking for another range bag to haul supplemental gear.  Our collection of spare belts and holsters is growing, and the bags we have now are straining at the seams.

This morning, I also realized that my NRA membership lapsed last year.  After President Obama's challenge to fight the NRA, I realized that I needed to be in the fight, so I went to the NRA's site and joined up for another year.  As it turns out, with a new membership, the NRA will give me a duffel bag, or course, emblazoned with the NRA logo.  Not a bad deal at all.

 President Obama is a lame duck.  He's also the greatest gun salesman in history, probably in the history of mankind.  Now, he wants to take on a very powerful organization.  One that controls a lot more outrage than the membership rolls might indicate.

Well, Mr. President, you talked me into it.  I've re -upped my membership.  You've been listening to your left-wing liberal base and you've picked a fight you may not want.  The NRA membership is growing daily, and  you're helping us to gain members on an hourly basis.


North Texan said...

Good on ya Pawpaw. I did the life member a couple of years ago. They had it for 500 so I grabbed it. I need to drop em some cash just because.

Anonymous said...

Life Member since the late '70s.

Anonymous said...

Red Oxx for range bags and luggage. American owned and based/manufactured in Billings, MT. I've owned them since around 2000 and mine have even survived an airplane ride to Namibia & back.

Gary W. Anthony
MSgt, USAF, Ret.