Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Americans Vote

After the President's emotional, teary appeal yesterday, we start learning things about the American penchant for firearms.

Gun companies are doing great!  Really!  According to Reuters, firearms manufacturers are out-performing the SP500, which is a very predictable bellwether for the American economy.

Many of the gun companies are privately held, but from what we see from the two giants, Smith and Wesson, and Ruger, they're doing very well indeed.  In fact, if I had bought Ruger a year ago when it was at $35.75, that same share today would be worth over $63.00.  Smith and Wesson shocked everyone recently by issuing very strong guidance about stock dividends and profits.  This year has been very good for the firearm markets.

The FBI reports that record numbers of background checks have been completed this year.  While that doesn't necessarily correlate to numbers of firearms sold, it certainly gives an indication of how busy the gun markets have been.

Americans are buying gun stocks, they're buying guns, and more importantly, they are voting.  They are voting with their dollars, both on individual collections, in the active markets, and we're joining organizations at record numbers.  Americans are voting in record numbers, with their dollars and in support of organizations that reflect our attitudes.

We've seen through the President's rhetoric and his tears.  This is a man who called the Fort Hood shootings "workplace violence" and who refuses to admit that the Islamic State is Islamic.  Yesterday, he cautioned us that he has taught Constitutional law, but doesn't seem to understand that the 2nd Amendment says "not be infringed".  He's living in a bubble of his own making, refusing to listen to his political critics, and truly refusing to listen to his enemies.  He is treading a dangerous path, and it is one of his own making.

Let Freedom Ring.

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