Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The Tide is Turning

I can only hope he's right, but he seems to be on track.  Kurt Schlichter, at The Journal pens a wonderful rant about gun control and the progressives that push it.  I'm linking here so that I can find it later, but it's just too good to miss.
Obama’s lies didn’t help. You could see the FBI agents biting their lips, clearly under orders not to leap to any conclusions about the mysterious, unknowable motivation that propelled the Muslim, Allah-shouting, bomb-making, kid-dumping, ISIS-worshipping killers. Everyone saw that the fools masquerading as our leaders were twisting themselves into yogi-like contortions not to acknowledge what everyone knows – what even the murderers themselves were proud to admit. Because to say it, to acknowledge the truth, would force Obama and his liberal pals to take their focus off fundamentally transforming America via climate change conferences and onto protecting it from the kind of Third World radical freaks these multi-culti jerks slobber over.
Thankfully, I'm not in the market for AR platform rifles.  I have mine, thank you, but anecdotal evidence is that they're flying off the shelves.  I'm also not in the market for semi-auto pistols.  I have those too, but recent excursions to my local merchants-of-death show me that these days are very good days to be a gun dealer.

Are Americans scared?  Not particularly, but we're tired of political tone-deafness.  The President's speech was so tone-deaf that the media commentary has been off-te-wall.  Two Fox News commentators have been suspended for profanity while discussing the presidential response.  Think about that for a minute.  America is so angry with the President that commentators respond with profanity, like shipwrecked sailors when asked about it.

Even the Washington Post seems to notice:
Moreover, the president seems to many to have little plan to eradicate the threat of the Islamic State from building a massive caliphate in the Middle East and exporting terror all over the world.
Am I mad at Muslims?  No, not particularly, but I will note for the record that most of the mass shootings lately have been perpetrated by either the mentally ill, or by Muslims.  I also note for the record that in the horrifying few minutes when the news of the latest outrage broke, the Twitter-verse was awash with liberals hoping that the shooters were conservative Christians.  Their hopes were soon dashed.  This is only the latest outrage on the long list of Muslim atrocities that stretches around the world.

Religious freedom is important to me personally and to the country constitutionally.  It is enshrined in our most basic document, but I would caution my Muslim friends that terror reaches across congregations.  If it's your circus, those are your monkeys.  Keep them off my lawn and I won't have to deal with them.

The one thing that is increasingly apparent to most Americans is that President Obama's foreign policy has been an unmitigated disaster.  Radical Islam is running rampant across the Middle East and our diplomacy there is in shambles, in no large part to the tender administration of Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.  Of course, when she left, the President appointed the laughably treasonous John Kerry to the position. Of course our diplomacy is in shambles.  No one can believe anything those three say, and they say it frequently.


North Texan said...

Yes it is interesting times. I also find myself in good stock of AR patern and semi auto pistols. Also a relatively good supply of ammo. But having 2.5 yr old twins tends to interfere with burning much powder. I feel like the dems will
Continue to loose spots in government. My only hope is that we the people elect someone besides a career politician as a replacement.

Old NFO said...

I REALLY don't want another round of interesting times... sigh...