Sunday, December 06, 2015

Beat the Drum - II

Never one to let a crisis go to waste, I learn this morning that President Obama is going to speak this evening in a rare Oval Office address.  If you're not a political observer, you might be wondering what the president might be speaking on.  Ostensibly, about terrorism, but some of us can see the political wind blowing, and it's a disturbing breeze.

Last week we saw two fanatical jihadists launch an horrific attack on a Christmas party in San Bernadino.  They illegally modified rifles, illegally made pipe bombs, illegally murdered people,  The authorities were perplexed in the opening hours, but quickly found the jihadists and ended their rampage.  Subsequent investigation led FBI Director James Comey to announce that the FBI had began a terrorism investigation, with evidence showing that the perpetrators had been “radicalized” and “potentially inspired” by foreign terrorist organizations.

Later the same day, we have our Attorney General telling Americans everywhere that she will prosecute hateful speech against Muslims.

On December 5th, we see the president during his weekly address.  He began by decrying violence, then morphed immediately into gun control.  He calls on Congress to address the "no-fly-loophole", whatever that is.

Also on December 5th, the New York Times lets the mask slip, calling for confiscation of firearms .

There is a chill wind blowing across the political landscape and our freedoms are under assault.  Assault not by foreign enemies, but by our elected leader and his appointed advisors.  He's being helped by the journalists who cannot bring themselves to see the problem, but want to impress their peculiar vision upon America.

I, for one, intend to watch the President's address this evening.  He will tell us what he's thinking, and he'll show us where the political winds are blowing.  I fear it will be an ill wind for freedom.

Let Freedom Ring.


Anonymous said...

Hi PawPaw,
The "no-fly" loophole is based on the no-fly list. If your name is on the "no-fly" list, you won't be allowed to purchase a gun, period. You won't be able to challenge the evidence against you, nor even find out how you got put on the list. We're assured, "only terrorists" will be put on the list (presumably in the future, vs today), but given how our administration and the left (but I repeat myself) defines terrorists, it'll quickly turn into a de facto gun ban.

The NYT article is the other prong, to deal with people who already own guns.

-- Steve

Pawpaw said...

Thanks, Steve, I knew what it was, but was exercising snark in interest of brevity. I should have linked it, I guess. Anyone that studies these sort of things know that Americans have been put on the no-fly list for simply disagreeing with the Administration. For example, CNN Journalist Drew Griffin was put on the list after an investigation of TSA practices.

Old NFO said...

The 'speech' was nothing to write home about...