Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Musings

In the dawn of blogging, I read a small blog written under a pen-name, The Belmont Club, written by Richard Fernandez, under the nom de plume Wretchard.  I soon found the blog to have insightful commentary on current events, and he continues to satisfy, under the banner of PJ Media.  His most recent article dissects the current presidency, and the investigations that are ongoing and sure to follow.
And now he’s living with the consequences of having to pursue a strategic assumption he knows is wrong but does not dare denounce.
Suppose Benghazi was a catastrophic failure, made all the more dangerous by the possibility that Russia had a hand in it. If Putin, having studied how Reagan used the jihad to bring down Soviet Union, played the same game on Barack Hussein Obama, it would explain many otherwise inexplicable things. The role of Snowden. The disgrace of Petraeus. The exile of anyone and anything to do with Benghazi. The kid-gloves treatment of the Ansar attackers. The strange enmity between Hillary and Obama. Each is bound by the same secret. Each lives in fear of the same smoldering fire burning in the bowels of the administration.
The lie is much more dangerous than the truth. America can live with an Obama mistake. But it can’t live with an Obama who cannot acknowledge his mistakes.
Great prose, and a fine analysis.  Go read the whole thing.

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