Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Obama's First Four Years

I found this chart today, courtesy of Denny and Rodger, which shows that by any measurable standard, Obama's first four years were an unbridled disaster.

More people unemployed, fuel prices up, misery index up, food costs up, housing values down, mortgage delinquencies up, national debt up, median household income down.  By every rational standard, a complete and total disaster.  The attribution for the chart data is here.

When you add in the continuing train-wreck of ObamaCare, where more people now are uninsured than before the program began, you have a perfect storm of fail.  Hopefully we'll survive the few remaining years of his presidency.  The one thing that he has done is to surpass Jimmah Carter as the worst president in the history of the republic.


Old NFO said...

Carter is loving it... sigh

Gerry N. said...

Any cogent person who's lived through Obammer the Child King's regime knows what a disaster he's been.
Trying to convince a Progressive Commie Rat-Bastige Dimwitocrat, though, is like trying to train a snake to recite the Book of Genesis.