Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Surreal Administration

If anything, the Obama administration got more surreal today, when our President announced that if you like your plan, you can keep it.  His "fix" raises more questions than it answers, not the least of which is; does he have the authority to do this?  He's been telling us for a couple of years that it is the law, and it's settled, and the more we go into the roll-out, we find that he seems to be able to delay implementation or ignore provisions of the law that he finds politically damaging.
There’s one problem—the President’s promise that his new “plan” can allow people to keep their plans is just as flawed and false as his original “like your plan/keep it” pledge. The law itself is clear: Obamacare’s new benefit mandates—the requirement to cover all individuals with pre-existing conditions, the new “essential benefits,” and mandates increasing the percentage of health costs insurance plans must cover—all take effect on January 1, 2014.
If it's the law, the President can't change it, he can only work with Congress to modify or amend it.  With all the other problems of risk pools, and insurability, and  the tax that the Supreme Court found in the law, it seems to me that the individual mandate is still taxable under the law, and the folks who don't have insurance will be accountable for that tax next year.

This President seems perfectly comfortable in modifying law that was passed by Congress, that he signed and that was upheld by the Supreme Court.  That's not what I was taught in high school civics class.  The Congress makes the laws, the President implements the laws, and the Courts interpret the laws.  It appears as if this President believes that he can ignore the law when it suits his own political purpose.  That is a horrible precedent to set.   Yet this President seems to set horrible precedents almost daily.

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Anonymous said...

Sitting here thinking about this, it is clearly just another lie that allows the Pravda estate to flutter about how el Presidente made an honest attempt to help, but in the end the evil insurance companies failed the American people. All a dance, all obfuscation.