Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Employer Mandate

If you've been watching the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, you'll know what a debacle it's been and how unfortunate it has become to those who must get their insurance from the individual market.  But, next year is 2014, and the employer mandate kicks in.  By Jan 1, 2015 it will be in place and all of us who get our insurance through our employers will be feeling the same pinch.  According to Forbes
“The Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013,” wrote the administration on page 34552. All in all, more than half of employer-sponsored plans will lose their “grandfather status” and get canceled. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 156 million Americans—more than half the population—was covered by employer-sponsored insurance in 2013.
So, what you're seeing right now in the individual market, you'll see next year in the employer market.   So, according to the CBO, 156 million Americans are covered under the employer market.  Half of those plans will lose their grandfather status this year.  And be thrown into Obamacare.

If you think the outrage is palpable now, just wait a half-year until the employer letters start going out.  The best Republican strategy will be to simply sit back, and point across the aisle.  The 2014 midterm elections should be truly enlightening.

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