Monday, November 04, 2013

Don't Interrupt

Napoleon once said "Don't interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."  I alluded to that yesterday when I advised the Republicans in Congress to go quiet about ObamaCare.  If your enemy is committing suicide, you don't need to shoot him.  It sounds like John Boehner is taking my advise.
House members left Washington on Thursday and are out this week, giving lawmakers extended time in their districts for constituent services. The timing is perfect for House Republican leaders, who have grown wary of distracting the public from Obamacare’s wobbly rollout with GOP attacks on the law.
The strategy is a stark contrast to the bombastic tone Republicans struck fighting the law to the point of a government shutdown, and then beyond. And, according to some lawmakers, there was discussion among House members about cancelling the break and staying in Washington to continue hammering the health care law.
But House leaders dismissed that idea, feeling confident that the best thing they can do is step back, be quiet, and let Americans watch Obamacare’s supporters contend with a faulty website, rising premiums, and an avalanche of policy cancellations.
 This thing is terrible, and getting terrible-er by the day.  The wheels are going to come off in March, or April, and when the cancellation notices come out in October for the employer side of the insurance question, all hell is going to break loose.  Folks will be headed to Washington with fresh tar and new pillows.  We're liable to need a whole new Congress, and the Republicans would be wise to sit quietly and watch it happen.  We've made our point, now let the disaster happen.  Someone has to be around with cool heads to pick up the pieces.


Old NFO said...

Good point!

Gerry N. said...

There is no way the "Stupid Party" is going to get anything good out of this National Socialist Democratic Party screw up. They always struggle mightily only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I agree; let the stench waft across the noses of the minimally intelligent voter. Once they smell how bad this thing is; maybe then they will do something!
What the stupid party needs to do is; start talking about a better way to deliver health care. Talk about how the public needs to understand the transaction is structured between the doc and the patient.


Rivrdog said...

+1 Anonymous! Back in the summer I said the best thing the GOPes could do was let it crash, at which point the Democrats would be unlikely to maintain their Senate Majority in Fall 2014.

Now, I'm having second thoughts. This thing was designed to fail from the get-go, with full Government health care to follow. The danger I see now is that Obama has some plan in his hip pocket to declare the ACA a failure because of the GOP, and quickly zero out the insurance industry ("filthy saboteurs of the ACA, etc") and impose totally Socialized Medicine by executive fiat.

BTW, that fiat will also zero the 2A out, claiming that gun possession is an intolerable medical hazard. Before you guffaw, know that this seed is already planted, sprouted and thriving within the Veteran's Administration policy wonks.