Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Red Flags

It looks like the media is finally waking up to the promise of our President and his signature accomplishment.  As the Associated Press tell us:
Project developers who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity — because they feared they would otherwise be fired — said they raised doubts among themselves whether the website could be ready in time. They complained openly to each other about what they considered tight and unrealistic deadlines. One was nearly brought to tears over the stress of finishing on time, one developer said. Website builders saw red flags for months.
Yet, the timeline was such that it had to go on October 1st, and the rollout began.  Now, the President is reduced to having pep rallies while knowing that the system failed under light load testing prior to the launch.

  The President has Verizon on the case, but IBD doesn't hold out much hope.
Tech experts say serious design flaws in the site could take weeks or months to resolve, according to the New York Times. Some experts told USA Today last week that the site used 10-year-old technology and that it might require a complete overhaul before it works right.
It looks like the media is finally starting to notice that the Affordable Care Act is a disaster, and now, suddenly it's not a disaster waiting to happen.  It's a disaster that's happening right now.

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