Friday, September 27, 2013

Lumber Liquidators

I see that the Feds raided Lumber Liquidators today.
The Department of Homeland Security, along with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Department of Justice conducted the raid, acting under a sealed court-issued warrant.
A sealed warrant, huh?  I'm just cynical enough to want to know why a warrant needs to be sealed?  If the Court says search it, that's all we need.  No reason for a sealed warrant.

And, like Instapundit, I wonder if Lumber Liquidators, like Gibson Guitars, has been donating to conservative causes.  This may be just another example of the Justice Department targeting conservatives.
 So I’ve become cynical enough that my first thoughts were (1) Does the CEO, like Gibson’s, give mostly to Republicans? and (2) Is this because they advertise on Limbaugh? But I make no apologies for the cynicism; it’s been well-earned.
This is the most transparent administration EVAH! They need to use sealed warrants to pursue their nefarious schemes?  The Department of Homeland Security should be disbanded immediately and the administrators indicted for malfeasance.

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Titan Mk6B said...

I do remember an ad for them on Rush Limbaugh's radio show.