Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jobs Numbers

Look for this to be floated at the debate tonight.
The Obama campaign claims that President Obama has created more jobs than President Ronald Reagan did. It’s an absurd claim. Under Obama’s watch we have fewer net workers in the labor force than we did when he took office. They don’t even bother to square that fact with their claim. They just claim it, as Stephanie Cutter does in this clip.
The only proper response would be for Mitt to say "Oh, Bullshit."

This election, more than anything else is about the economy and the jobs situation. It's also about the entitlement mentality, the Obamacare debacle, and the conduct of the war. Some astute commenter noted that Reagan with those jobs with a smaller population than Obama had to work with.

I'm just about to the point where I'm willing to concede that every elected Democrat is a serial liar, but what the hell.  Let's un-elect these bastards in November.

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