Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Thuds

To steal a meme from Rivrdog, this seems to be the Thursday for thuds.

Thud the First:  Continuing unrest in the Arab world, with protests against the United States in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Tunisia.  Consider the odd coincidence that these "spontaneous, grass-roots" incidents came on 9/11 and you'll believe that I have a bridge for sale.  Pay attention tomorrow, as Friday nights are when the Muzzies go to church and get all riled up about the latest provocation.  I predict that all hell is going to break loose as soon as the sun goes down.

Thud the Second:  Our President can't decide who is an ally and who is not.  Hell, he thinks appointing a woman to be the ambassador to a radical Muslim nation is a good idea.  Consider that in radical Muslim nations, women are considered chattel, little more than livestock, and know how the radical Muzzies see our ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson.  Ambassador Patterson might be a true patriot, a great American, and a distinguished public servant, but appointing her as ambassador to a radical Muslim nation is stupidity at its strongest.  The optics are so screwed up on this one that it's no wonder that she gave the order that the Marines couldn't have live ammunition.

Thud the Third.  The Chicago teachers are still on strike.  You might recall that organized labor was a huge supporter of President Obama, and the now-mayor Rahm Emmanuel, was once the White House Chief of Staff.  If you believe for a second that The Lightworker sent Mayor Rahm back to Chicago to break the teachers's union, then you and I really need to talk about that bridge.  I'll make you a hell of  a deal on it.

That's enough for right now.  PawPaw has to consider his belly and what he'll be eating for supper later.  Watching our President screw the pooch on multiple levels isn't good for my digestion.  I may have to break into the whiskey as an aperitif.


Old NFO said...

Sigh... I need to go find my BP medicine...

Gerry N. said...

It must gall a moslim man to be forced to deal with a woman in a high official office. My first thought was "What are these morons thinking", followed by "Thinking?, progressives are incapable of cogent thought."

If any of these people had an iota of honor, they'd go into a small room fitted with a table, a chair, a revolver and one cartridge, then do the right thing. None will, of course, they have no concept of honor, besides it's all someone else's fault. Most likely Bush's.

Gerry N.