Sunday, September 09, 2012

Obama by Five

I see that the latest Gallup Poll has Obama up by five points over Mitt Romney.  Do you believe that?  I don't.  Not for a minute.

If you believe that unemployment is currently 8.1%, then you might believe the latest polls.  In 1980, Reagan looked unelectable until the final week.  Then he whacked Jimmy Carter.  And, in those years, the DOJ wasn't suing pollsters who published figures they didn't like.  If I were a pollster, in danger of being harassed by Eric Holders DOJ, I'd publish those figures too.

We're going to beat that sonofabitch like a bass drum.  Then, we're going to indict Holder and let him serve a couple of decades in a federal pen.  Take no counsel of your fears.   We're winning this one.  He's done.

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Rivrdog said...

Everything else from the Obama Administration is gundecked, and the media is in his pocket, so, no, I don't believe those polls either.

Just as the White House door is about to hit Obama in the ass next january, he will pardon Holder, so don't lose any sleep if you can't send him letters in prison.

My guess is that Obama will pardon his entire Administration, and the infighting as to how far down that list he goes after the election will be fierce, and scuttlebutt about it will probably out-draw the news reports of the transition of the up-coming Romney Administration.