Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gas Prices

Yeah, gasoline prices are going up and much of the blame can be laid on our President.  Thankfully we'll have an opportunity to rectify that mistake in November when we send him packing.  If you're wondering what your memory won't recall, then this helpful graphic might show why we've got to elect someone else to the office.

We're not paying $4.22 locally, but we're paying over $3.50 which in oil-soaked Louisiana is quite high.  This guy is killing us and it's time for him to go away.

Hat tip to The Ulsterman Report.

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Gerry N. said...

Some of the big name gas stations around here (Puget Sound Basin) are charging over $4 for premium unleaded. I have a sneaking hunch it is becasue of the refinery fire in Calif. All the refinerys in the US are at Max. production with no wiggle room and the epa has issued no permits for new ones or to update old ones. This Bungling Administration has to go, and along with it the EPA, it has done more damage than good since its inception. Just defund it.