Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bill Whittle on Fast and Furious

 Bill Whittle, in his latest Afterburner, makes the same points I made in my post yesterday, but does it very eloquently.

This is Watergate with a body count.  Before you accuse me of racism, let's remember that the true victims of this operation were over 300 Mexican civilians who were killed by these guns.  Yes, Brian Terry is a victim as well, but this goes way beyond the death of one law enforcement officer.  While I mourn for Brian and pray for his family, the larger crime is the blatant disregard of Eric Holder for the citizens of Mexico.  By claiming privilege, President Obama assumes culpability as well. 

I am convinced that President Obama and Eric Holder conspired in the murder of hundred of Mexican citizens, all based on ideology and a yearning for draconian gun control in the United States.  If that makes me a racist, then I'll proudly claim that banner.  The real racists here are the politicians that let their ideology get in the way of good judgement and caused the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens.

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