Friday, May 18, 2012

Does He Know?

SO, if you've been reading the news, you'll know about this 1991 Harvard Law Review pamphlet that's recently been uncovered. 

No one on the left is saying this thing is fake, but that it is simply a fact-checking error.  I'm no birther, and I believe that the man was probably born in Hawaii, but stories like these don't help his credibility.  The man seems to re-invent himself to match whatever the circumstance, and whatever will put him in the most attractive light.  In short, he's a liar.  He can't even stick with one story about where he was born, where he was raised.  A fact-checking error?  Where did the editor get the fact in the first place?  I bet that Barry told her he was born in Kenya, because that is so  much more romantic than being born in Hawaii.   Still, I'd love to ask that question at a POTUS press conference.

Then there's this whole Elizabeth Warren kerfluffle, where she claims to be Cherokee, and the Real Cherokees say, "No, you're not".  They're digging up documents that prove that not only is Warren not Cherokee, her great-great-great-grandfather rounded up Cherokees, put them in pens and started them west on the Trail of Tears.  Yeah, Elizabeth hyped up some make-believe Indian so that she could claim minority status and now she's got the entire Cherokee nation spitting at her.

Several years ago my sister went through the genealogical nut-roll and proved that we have Choctaw heritage, from one woman who lived in northern Mississippi.  That's fine.  I've also got English, Scot, Irish, German, French.. you name it, it's all mangled up in my veins.  I carry a German name, but my ancestry is an amalgamation of lots of nations.  I'm American.  That's enough for me, but evidently it's not enough for Elizabeth, nor for Barry.

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Ricrdog said...

You're being too light on these cheats, PawPaw. They cheated on their heritage because it gave them an edge over others, and that MUST reflect on their character.

That fact is the most important take away from these two circumstances.