Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Tie-Up

Looking at the newspaper, it's been a bad couple of days for the Obama administration.

We've got Blackhawks full of armed men flying over Chicago.

The GSA is facing criminal charges for it's lavish overspending on junkets, parties and conferences. The Head of the GSA took the fifth yesterday.

The Secret Service is running whores in Columbia.

The President brags that part of his job is scouting vacation spots for Michelle.

It's been a bad week for our President, and he can't blame Bush for any of this. This is all on his watch.

I understand that some young military types are also caught up in the prostitution sting, and General Fraser is disappointed. He shouldn't be. Those young warriors were simply upholding an ancient and honored military tradition, alluded to by such military luminaries as Phil Sheridan and George Patton. Soldiers have been sampling the local culture for as long as there have been ... soldiers ..., and we shouldn't make such a big deal of it. I note with some pride that no one is suggesting that the military men tried to underpay the working gals. That was purely in the province of the Secret Service. Soldiers pay gladly for services well performed.

Still, it's been a bad week for our President. I think I'll pour myself a stiff drink, right after I walk the dog.


Rivrdog said...

For the helos, this looks like ordinary MOUT to me.

Can't figure out why that Secret Service type balked at a $170 all-nighter cuenta por la puta. Try getting an all-nighter in Vegas and it will probably be 6-8 times that much.

To me, though, the curious thing is that all eleven of these agents were sucked into the fiesta de las putas. In that size of a group, there should have been at least one who stuck to his vows. This suggests that the agents were provided a "sweet deal", and perhaps that deal was arranged before they ever left the USA. If there was pre-arrangement, that definitely needs looking into, to see who the ultimate facilitator to that deal might have been. FARC? Hugo? Fidel?

Old NFO said...

Yep, bad week, and he'll blame it ALL on Bush... sigh

MSgt B said...

The DoD has regulations against that now.

Hell, they probably always have.

DiamondD said...

I don't understand why they need the Blackhawks and all of that security if the conference is in Chicago? It is illegal to own a gun in Chicago so no security needed.