Wednesday, March 07, 2012

In Comments

Riley asks, in comments:
I've seen stuff on the net about another run on ammo, and components with the upcoming election, almost with anyone who wins. What do you think? I think if Obama wins, yes it could be bad. I don't really know with Mitt or the others.

I'd be curious to know what you thought.

We gun owners can be a cantankerous lot, and if we think that there might be a shortage, we tend to make that a self-fulfilling prophecy. We tend to hoard ammo and sometimes that borders on irrational. Thankfully, it's not against the law to be irrational, at least not yet. We can argue that our President is the greatest gun salesman in history. Just a few examples:
-Ruger’s firearm sales have gone from $117 million to $232 million, an increase of 98%
-Winchester’s sales of ammunition have gone from $431.7 million to $572 million, an increase of 33%
-Federal excise taxes collected on the sale of new firearms and ammunition has risen 48.3%
-January 2012 was the 20th straight month of increases in NICS background checks compared to the same month in the previous year
-December 2011 saw over 1.41 million NICS background checks run, the most ever for a single month
-The few states which regularly report concealed carry permit numbers have seen increases in active permit holders ranging from 46% to 161%
So, the argument can be made that while we're all afraid that Obama and Company are out to get our guns, his presidency has been very good for the gun industry. We've been buying like crazy, based mainly on reports like this that indicate that he still wants to increase gun control.
During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, "to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda," she said. "I just want you to know that we are working on it," Brady recalled the president telling them. "We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar."
SO, the question becomes: Would our President like to increase the laws about guns and ammunition? I believe that he would. I also believe that he sees the political suicide of such a position and he's very reticent to bring it up in public. If Obama gets elected, I believe that we can expect to see a push for stronger gun laws, mainly due to the fact that he can't be re-elected and he knows that if he wants to do it, he's only got a few years to get it done. He is a product of Chicago politics and we know how they hate our guns.

Our best bet is to put our President in the unemployment line by voting against him in November. At this point I don't care who the Republican nominee might be. They've got to hash that out, but for myself, I'm getting behind whoever has the greatest chance of beating Obama.

I hope I answered your questions, Riley.


HTRN said...

The FBI has NICS data, some of it is quite interesting - one thing that I have noticed is that the yearly average number of NICS checks goes up every years since the 2002. And that last year it jumped almost 2 million.. Feb12 was the second highest month so far, with Dec11 the current king. I fully expect this year for a month to break the 2 million check barrier..

Rivrdog said...

I say stock up as you have dollars for it. Ammo, properly stored (watch the storage temp, it shouldn't go much over 100 degrees) can last for five or more decades with little degradation in performance.

The price on ammo seems to go up faster than most things except fuel, so even if you are overstocked, you can sell some later and not be out any of your investment.

How much to have? That depends on your world view. If you are buying just to have the minimum amount for practice, that's one thing, but if you expect to have to use the ammo in an extreme situation, bear in mind that the Army considers 200/rounds/day to be the minimum level for an infantryman (or used to, maybe it's more now).

Old NFO said...

I believe he can't get the legislation though he wants, so he's going to put 'regulations' in place to take away whatever he can...