Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

It must be nice, taking vacations on the Government Dime. Sixteen vacations in three years, with a private jet and security arrangements. That's our imperial First Lady. Yeah, Bush spent a lot of time at his ranch in Crawford, TX, but at least he was staying at a place that he owned, and security was fairly easy to manage at a private ranch.

The optics are bad on this First Lady. Good for her, I hope she enjoys herself as I struggle to plan and save money for a vacation the family is planning for the summer. We're going to spend a week on the beach in South Carolina, but we're doing it on our own dime. We'll handle our own security as well. We won't be staying in a house owned by a wealthy Democratic donor. This will be the first vacation we've had in two years, and Michelle has had sixteen.

Hopefully, we'll fire her husband in November and get her off the gummint dole. Certainly out of government housing.

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Hobie said...

Amen. These are some vacationing fools...