Sunday, December 11, 2011

Light Squared?

Have you heard of LightSquared? No? Neither had I. It's a tech company with big pockets and they're trying to make wireless broadband possible for large numbers of people. LightSquared is a business, and I'm generally in favor of business. However, LightSquared's product has the ability to hurt a lot of people. Lots of people. Government testing of it's product shows that it disrupts 75% of the GPS recievers currently on the market.
“LightSquared signals caused harmful interference to majority of GPS receivers tested,” according to the draft prepared for a meeting next week of U.S. officials reviewing the LightSquared proposal. “No additional testing is required to confirm harmful interference exists.”

LightSquared, backed by $3 billion from Falcone’s Harbinger Capital Partners hedge fund, faces challenges from makers of global-positioning system devices who say the service will disrupt navigation by cars, boats, tractors and planes. U.S. regulators are withholding approval as they check on claims of interference.
Who uses GPS? Everybody. Airlines, the military, your cell phone, your grandmother, everyone has a GPS device of some sort. They're everywhere, they're in lots of electronic devices and LightSquared disrupts them. It's like some sort of bad B-novel. This evil company comes out with a product that will disrupt navigational equipment all over the world. Our President, realizing the damage that this product will do to our economy, rides to the rescue, saving the American military, Airline passengers, the common folk trying to find the grocery store.... oh, wait, that didn't happen.

Obama is pushing this scheme. It seems that LightSquared's corporate owners are big Democratic donors.
Why is this important? Philip Falcone is a big donor to the Democratic Party, and he has billions of dollars at stake in LightSquared’s approval. Also, Obama himself was an investor in LightSquared at one point, as were or are a number of his associates. The resounding failure in this test makes it look like the White House pressured witnesses to back off of exposing LightSquared’s product as exactly the kind of dangerous problem that critics had maintained all along — with the intent to mislead Congress into moving forward with LightSquared’s government contracts.
The White House is trying to limit the damage, where they should be telling Falcone that his product is a failure, that it has the potential to do untold damage to GPS systems worldwide. But no, it they're trying to derail testimony that is damaging to LightSquared. It looks as if the White House is actively supporting the disruption of millions of GPS units worldwide.

It sounds like an evil plot, and of course, our President has his fingers right in the middle of it. I've come to expect evil from our President. From Fast and Furious, to the economy, to this LightSquared mess, it looks as if he's actively trying to damage our country.


Old NFO said...

Yep, they DO seem determined to push this through, regardless of the damage... makes no sense... or DOES it???

Gerry N. said...


Anyone who has watched this piece of $h*t from the get-go knew he was flat out evil. No one who can walk upright without assistance could do the things Teh Obungholio has done by accident. One Marxist plot is happenstance,two might be coincidence, but three or more are definitely enemy action. Teh Obungholio and the National Socialist Democratic Worker's Party have proven themselves to be the enemy.

I'd vote for a syphylitic, mangy cur before I'd vote for a democrat.

I fear it is coming close to the time to press the reset button. It ain't gonna be pretty.

Rivrdog said...

The military & intell communities hate the idea that civilians have access to precision navigation. That is why all the precision navigation systems have been controlled, forever, by he military. Recent improvements in GPS, such as WAAS and the ability of the simplest receivers to track 11 of the 23 satellites' signals at once for a better position fix, giving accuracy to the 5-inch level, is perceived as a threat by the military.

I would not be in he least surprised to find out that there are "eyes-only" memos from the DSA on President Obama's desk, telling him to disregard the furor over the degraded civvie GPS equipment.

Anonymous said...

We need to start having cake and coffee with our neighbors again. In the "old days" whether we were Reps or Dems we would openly praise Eisenhower and have problems with Nixon, or think Roosevelt was great and Clinton a scoundrel.

Now it seems we're all wrapped up in talk show news ideology. Liberalism is a disease caught by fools who want everyone to share equally while removing incentives and raising roadblocks Or Republicans are gun-toting dangerous uneducated fundamentalists ripping the country apart.

Find a neighbor of a different party and get to know each other.