Tuesday, October 04, 2011

School Daze

We're in a high-hour mode at the high school. I was there till after 8:00 last night and I'm home only long enough to take my gunbelt off for an hour and unwind for a bit before I return for a JV football game. Oh, joy.

Hopefully I'll be home at the regular hour tomorrow and regular blogging will return.

I'm still getting email from Jim Messina, from BarackObama.comm. He's complaining that the evil Republicans in the House won't even consider the President's job plan. Well, Jim, from what I read, the Senate isn't ready to take it up either, and the Senate has enough Democrats to get the ball rolling. Evidently, the President's job plan isn't high on the list of either chamber. Maybe if he had come up with a new plan, rather than rolling out the same old tired plan he's been trying, something might move through Congress.

I do read that the House has asked for special counsel to investigate whether or not Eric Holder perjured himself before Congress when he testified in May. Holder told the committee that he hadn't heard of Fast and Furious until a couple of weeks prior. Now, documents that CBS holds indicate that he was briefed on the operation as early as July 2010. That's the big problem our President has now. Eric Holder may have perjured himself before Congress, which is an impeachable offense. Does Obama throw Holder under the bus, or be seen as supporting a steadfast friend who has lied to Congress? It's an interesting question.

In another hour, I'll pull my boots back on, go back to work and let the rest of the world ponder the implications of an Attorney General who lies to congressional committees.


Old NFO said...

What I'm pondering is how Justice hires a Special Prosecutor to investigate Justice... Just askin...

Rivrdog said...

While driving the hour over to my MOAA meeting last night, I thought about this.

I think the President WILL appoint a Special Prosecutor. The reason being, he's campaigning now, and as Issa does his work in the House, Obama will have to react to it, and no leader likes to have to be on the defensive all the time.

OTOH,if there was Special Prosecutor, chances are, Obama could have a say in who it is, and that guy would have one instruction: keep it out of the spotlight until after the election. Issa would be cut off, since an "active" Federal prosecution was in progress, and the Pres would have zero of that distraction from his campaign for re-election. Innocent until proven guilty, etc.

So, if Obama DOESN'T appoint a Special Prosecutor, he's a complete dummy.