Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More on Gunwalker

Oh, the hits, they just keep on coming. Now, Fox News reports on the Gunwalker scandal.
Former U.S. Attorney Melvin McDonald says the defendants' release suggests that Operation Fast and Furious is not only a scandal, it was a failure.
A failure that resulted in the deaths of at least two Federal agents and an estimated 150 Mexican citizens. Now they're releasing defendants because they can't make cases against them. Total Fail.

Oh, and did I fail to mention today that Eric Holder is probably a felon in the United States and that some Mexican senators would like him extradited? I failed to mention that? Silly me.

If our President is looking to cut spending, might I recommend that he abolish the ATF. According to his figures, shuttering that place would save us $1.15 billion next year.

If I keep making a list of agencies that could be closed and save us billions of dollars next year, maybe he'd have enough money to pay Grandma's Social Security next month.

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farmist said...

BATFE, Dept of Energy, and Dept of Education would be a good start.