Friday, July 15, 2011

Media Deception

The media keeps on rolling along, spreading lies about guns and the GunWalker scandal. As Senators Grassley and Issa look into this scandal which lead directly to the death of a Federal agent and an estimated 150 Mexican nationals, the media can't stand the idea that the Obama administration has perpetrated a huge collusion to manipulate facts and figures about the gun trade along our borders simply to bolster the arguments for gun control. Regular readers here know my thoughts on the matter, but the mainstream media continues to ignore relevant facts about guns and the Obama administration.

Pajamas Media covers some of it in an article this morning, both the GunWalker scandal and the lack of media coverage.
The public is too well-educated, the evidence of probable criminality too blatant and widespread. The administration’s apparent plan to use gun violence to spur support for gun control efforts has become Watergate with a body count, and no amount of media deception or spin, or party misdirection, can save them from the consequences of their actions.
For myself, I'm convinced that this scandal is bigger than Watergate, which took down a sitting President. It appears from the preliminary investigation that the Administration colluded to violate the laws of the United States, conspired to undermine the authority of the Mexican government, violated the laws of the United States and Mexico to further a political agenda and directly led to the death of at least one federal law enforcement officer.

Eric Holder has already tried to throw ATF director Kenneth Melson under the bus, but Melson went directly to Congress and turned King's Evidence against his bosses. It looks like the new fall guy might be Deputy Attorney General James Cole, who this week issued new guidelines for gun shops in four border states. With the list of Deputy Attorney Generals that Congress wants to talk to, the idea that Holder himself didn't know about the operation is an idea that strains credulity. Holder likely lied to Congress when he said he had no idea about this operation.

I remind my younger readers that no one died during the Watergate operation, yet many folks in the White House went to jail and the President himself resigned in disgrace. This operation has a body count that spans borders and makes Watergate look like a college prank.

As for myself, I have a rifle that was broken and the gun shop just called to tell me it's ready. I'm going to pick up my rifle.

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