Friday, July 22, 2011

Cut, Cap, Balance

The House this week passed a bill that would force the US Government to cut current spending, cap spending at some level and send a balanced budget Amendment to the states. It's the Republican plan for solving our financial problems. I like it. Turns out, a poll by CNN reveals that Americans like it as well. At at 2:1 ratio they like it.
In other words, a consensus exists across all political lines that the CCB/BBA approach would be a good idea. When one scrolls down to the crosstab sections of the raw data, the consensus becomes very, very clear. The CCB/BBA approach wins majorities in every single demographic — including self-described liberals. Sixty-three percent of Democrats back the House bill. The least supportive age demographic is 50-64YOs at 62/37; the least supportive regional demographic is the Midwest at 61/39. Even those who express opposition to the Tea Party supports it 53/47.
Harry Reid, of course, says that it has no chance of passing the Senate. That only shows how out-of-touch Harry is from the American people. He has no clue what we want, nor any idea of what's best for the country. Our President has said he'd veto it, but we can't expect him to sign a bill that would put extreme limits on his own out-of-control spending.

Two thirds of Americans want the bill, Mr. President. Two thirds of all Americans. Liberal, conservative, black, white, all Americans. But, the President is so out of touch with America that he fails to see a broad concensus when it's staring him in the face.

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Dave O. said...

The president's attitude reminds me of what the guys on Mythbusters like to say: "I reject your reality, and substitute my own!"