Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama sides with Palestine

I'm told that our President gave a speech today and he sided with the Palestinians, saying that Israel should return to it's 1967 borders. Really.
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is endorsing the Palestinians' demand for their future state to be based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war, in a move that will likely infuriate Israel. Israel says the borders of a Palestinian state have to be determined through negotiations.
That ought to lose him the Jewish vote.

I agree that Israel should insist on the 1967 borders. The ones that existed on June 10, 1967 when the cease-fire was signed. At that time, Israel had conquered the Golan Heights, the Gaza strip, the West Bank of the Jordan river and the entire Sinai peninsula. The Israeli armed forces won a complete military victory against forces much larger than themselves. They won it fair and square and I personally wouldn't have given back a foot of land that I won with blood.

Our President threw Israel under the bus today, as he is wont to do with friends and allies. Just another reason why I'll never vote for him.


J said...

Our new president got OBL, and now he's working on ending the Arab/Israeli conflict. Heck of a job, I would say. We missed Great Depression II due to the president, and now he might make us miss WWIII. That's bad???

Hobie said...

If there is one pro-Israel Jew in the whole country that still believes Obama when he says he's a "Zionist" their families had better take them back to their doctor(s) and have their medications checked because, obviously, they are delusional.

Jake said...

might makes right?

since when is a "complete military victory" a legitimate title towards land? okay, since 50000 BC when our species evolved.

But, still. I cannot defend the taking of land by military might as being a legitimate victory.

full disclosure: I am not one who believes in the right of the state of Israel; they took, in 1948, a claim that they had against the Romans in AD 0-70 or so. I say "use it or lose it" and between 70 and 1948 they did not use it.

and besides - the concept of a Holy Land is more practical than anything else. I have read Talmudic readings and interpretations, dating to Moses Maimonides (13th century), Hershel of Ostropol (19th century) ... and those readings are so practical that I must smile. "wearing the airplane" for a reason to fly on the Sabbath? Brilliant.

and, in a similar vein ... where is the Holy Land? I submit that it is, practically, Brooklyn, New York, where so many Jews live already - there is no realistic consideration for hanging on to a tiny patch of airspace in a hotly contested territory. Just leave it behind and find your peace elsewhere - if anywhere at all.

the Holy Land is not a physical place.

the New Testament declares "my Kingdom is not of this world".

The Old Testament needs to recognize this fact.

Religious salvation is entirely separated from the affairs of man on earth. And our world leaders need to recognize that. Barack Obama recognized that. More power to him!