Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday musings

So, as the situation in Libya spirals out of control, the rebels are retreating in disarray and Allied air forces start pounding the loyalists, the situation is very fluid. The fog of war is settling across the Libyan desert and it's hard to tell just exactly what's happening.

However, our President says that he's considering arming the rebels, who we learn have among their forces, Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood elements.

Seriously? Quadiffi is a lunatic, but Al Qaeda is a sworn enemy. Arming them makes about as much sense as arming the Mexican drug gangs on our southern border.

Oh, wait, we did that too, didn't we?

I'm giving the following odds. Quadiffi staying in power - 40%. The rebels winning with NATO help and setting up a fundamentalist Islamic state - 45%. The rebels winning and setting up a democratic, popular government - 5%. This ain't gonna turn out in the best interest of the United States.

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