Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obama Skips Funeral, Goes to Golf Course

You've seen the headlines. President Obama's trip was canceled Sunday because of the massive ash plume over Europe that shut down air travel all over the Continent.

I'm sure that the Air Force told him that travel to Europe would damage Air Force One, would put him at risk, and would violate European travel restrictions. Suddenly, our President had a day off and he decided to get in a round of golf.

I don't have a problem with that. As much as I disagree with the man, he should be able to take a day off occasionally. Were I the President, I'd have every Sunday blocked off for church and shooting. We'd construct a range at Camp David and I'd spend Sunday afternoon on the range with a couple of close buddys.

Occasionally, I'd get fifty of my closest friends and we'd have an informal match. I bet that would send the Secret Service into palpitations.

If the President wants to play golf on a Sunday afternoon, that's fine with me.


oyster said...

Paw Paw for President!

Rich Jordan said...

Here here! President PawPaw!

I do have two problems with Obama's decision. Appearances matter. It has become something of a tradition with Obama to diss our allies while fuzzy-gloving the bad guys so I'm not surprised.

Poland is a friendly country and an ally already offended by Obama last year. The deaths and funerals were major events... having Obama visibly, publicly playing a game on the day of the funeral, when he should have been there but for understandable circumstances, would certainly be seen as disrespectful.

On _this_ particular day off he could have spent time indoors, or with family, or doing something not so obviously entertainment... just to appear respectful of the events in Poland. Instead he chose to publicly go play. Thoughtless? Clueless? Or deliberate? With him, who knows.

I was surprised to see the article state that he has played 32 times since taking office. I don't begrudge him that either (though I hope that not too many of those games were during that endless dragging delay in responding to the request from our Commanders in Afghanistan for more troops)...

I'm just (not) surprised at not hearing this before now. If W had been to the golf course that many times in his first 14 months... the caterwauling from the press would have been something to behold.

Termite said...


You would probably set up a Hogan's Alley in the White House basement, and challenge your Secret Service detail to beat your score.

Old NFO said...

Appearances are the issue...

Zdogk9 said...

Just think how wonderful it'd be if the entire congress went golfing about six days a week.

Anonymous said...

The Halfrican has already played more golf in a year than "W" did in eight. The slimestream media rode "W" hard, and put him up wet, but give this inexcuseable man a total pass. His total lack of class and presence is an embarrassment for the US. He is, to all intents and purposes, an egotistic, self centered, immature, ill bred child deeply over his head in a man's job.

Gerry N.