Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Our President is going to give his first State of the Union address tonight. I don't have tome to watch it, I'll be going to the funeral of a dear fried. No, that's not metaphor, I'm actually going to the funeral home.

The state of the union tonight is worry. He doesn't have a package and the message he's sending out is mixed. Hopefully, he'll get his act together tonight and assuage the fears of the nation.

What are we afraid of? I'm worried about what my health insurance is going to look like next year. Seniors are worried about rationing and juniors are worried about having to buy insurance they might not need. Employers are worried about the business climate and bankers are worried about whether or not they'll be the target of prohibitive regulations. Manufacturers are worried about whether the banks will start lending again and employees are worried about whether they'll have a job tomorrow. Realtors are worried about the housing markets and investors are worried about the stock market.

But again, I have to go to the funeral home. That might be a metaphor after all.

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Old NFO said...

Probably closer to the truth than we want to admit... Sorry for your loss.