Thursday, August 13, 2009

Town Talk - The wheels are off.

The Town Talk's editorial today claims that the wheels have fallen off the health-care train.
The wheels just came off the health-care train that Barack Obama has been high-balling through Congress. It's been derailed because the president went off script and spoke the truth.
We can only hope that the wheels are off this highball.
At Tuesday's televised town hall meeting in New Hampshire, the president (looking to show his critics that he can work without a TelePrompTer) proceeded to go free-style, and he compared government-run health care with the government-run postal service.

Obama said private enterprise was doing just fine in its competition with the U.S. Postal Service.
And it is. It's easy to compete with the postal service. The Postal Service is a bloated bureaucracy that drains the taxpayer. If Fedex and UPS were allowed to deliver first-class mail to your front door mailbox, we might see meaningful competition. However, US law doesn't allow that.
Half-awake viewers could see the wheels on the Obama Express starting to wobble, but even the sympathetic audience in Portsmouth did not have a chance to do anything about it. The president had spoken the truth about government-run operations, and stopped his health-care reform plans dead on the tracks.

We can only hope that it's dead on the tracks. I'll believe it when I see the President make a statement that the time isn't right for health care reform.

Actually, I'd like to see the Congress fix Medicare. Constitutional concerns aside, it's hard for me to watch Medicare and know how terribly it's performing. Milady works for a surgeon who accepts Medicare patients. A couple of weeks ago, they got a check from the government for reimbursement and the check bounced. I'd say that if government is going to be in the business, they'd better fix what isn't working before they try to expand the program.

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