Friday, July 17, 2009


If you've ever used a bait-casting reel, you know that backlash is inevitable. Well, not inevitable, but certainly a constant, distinct possibility. On every cast.

Backlash is a political term too, and our President is finding out about it. What amazes me, though, is that he is so ready to embrace it. He's in a huge hurry to get a national health care bill passed, in such a hurry that he's pressing the Senate.
The bipartisan group of senators working to hash out an agreement on healthcare reform delivered a message to President Obama and the Democratic leadership Thursday: You’ll just have to wait.
I'm sure that doesn't sit real well with the Lightworker.

This is potentially the biggest policy challenge of his Presidency. It'll be the hallmark of his place in history and he wants it done now. Before the August break.
That may not be close enough for Obama, who has repeatedly said he wants both the House and Senate to approve their respective versions of healthcare reform before Congress departs for its August recess.
He knows that if the legislators go home without reaching a compromise, then the legislation might well be dead when they return. Lots of Congress Critters got huge backlash on their stimulus votes. I personally had the distinct privilege of booing my Representative when he tried to defend earmarks. I'm not sure if he's gotten the message, but I'm fairly certain that he heard us.

And, I'll say for the record, that if either of my Senators or my Representative votes for this boondoggle, I'll actively campaign against them during the next cycle.

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