Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday newspaper

I see that our President continues his apology tour. He was in Normandy over the weekend, apologizing to the French people for bombing the hell out of the place during WWII. He took the Wookie his wife with him and in this Reuter's photo, shes graciously thanking Mrs Sarkozy for her magnificent hospitality.

Sure she is. Look at those eyes. Undying gratitude. That's the face of America, folks. The Left wonders why the world hates us? Michelle Obama. That's why the world hates us.

I understand that the President had to leave early to come back to a meeting with Joe Biden on the economy. That's bound to be a load of laughs, with interest rates climbing, inflation on the horizon, and unemployment higher than it's been since Carter. You thought the Bush deficits were bad? As Obama says, You ain't seen nothing yet! We may as well go ahead and post this graphic.

You know, it must be tough being the Wookie Michelle Obama. She knows what a fraud her husband is, probably more completely than we know what a fraud he is. Trained as a lawyer, she's probably worried that when he's convicted, she'll be jailed as an accessory. That's a legitimate worry.

In other news, I hear that Mayor Ray Nagin is in quarantine in a Chinese hotel. Someone in his party showed flu-like symptoms. Cool! Maybe they'll keep him for six or eight months.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do. I'm off to the lumber yard.


Peripatetic Engineer said...

I've made several trips to Normandy and the one thing you NEVER hear is a complaint about the civilian casualties from allied shelling. What you so see is a long continuing gratitude to the Americans for kicking the Germans out of France.

May the ChiComs are holding Nagin hostage against all the poison sheetrock suits that are about the hit. Bad move. They can keep him. Lets run a test and see how the city works without him for a few months.

Old NFO said...

Sad... that is all I can say... Sad. But it IS funny that Chocolate Nagin got nailed :-)

Interesting WV- shedus