Monday, June 29, 2009


President Obama says that the Honduras coup is illegal and President Zelaya is still the president of the country.

Well, not exactly. Zelays is accused of unconstitutional activities and was removed from office by the military. Evidently, in Honduras, the military officers swear an oath to the Constitution. We in the United States swear an oath to the Constitution.

I would expect President Obama to condemn a military coup. He's probably concerned what might happen if and when he finally comes against a tipping point, constitutionally. Say, for example, ironclad evidence is brought forward that demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that he is not eligible to be the President. Do you think he'd peacefully step aside? I don't think so either. A constitutional crisis would be inevitable. A military coup would be possible.

Joe Biden would be President. That would be laughable.

Well-intentioned liberal friends of mine were concerned, truly concerned that George W. Bush would not willingly cooperate with a transition of power. They were convinced that he would refuse to leave office. I told those friends that if he refused to leave office, his act might precipitate a military coup. Many of us would load our rifles and drive to Washington. Our oaths to the Constitution demanded it.

I deplore coups and believe that the best place to address those concerns is with our elected officials. However, I am always cognizant that this country is founded on revolution. Sometimes revolution is the only answer to abuses of power.

President Obama might do well to remember that.

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Old NFO said...

I'm not sure it won't take a coup to get him out, since he is the self proclaimed "ruler" of the US, and has hired all the Czars...