Saturday, June 13, 2009

Doing What?

Clayton Cramer tell us that soldiers on the battlefield are required to Mirandize prisoners. Seriously.
U.S. Rep. Mike Rodgers, R-Mich., who is just back from Afghanistan, says that captured foreign fighters in that war-torn country are now getting “Miranda” warnings after capture and prior to questioning.
What dumbass came up with that requirement?
When Rogers said that in his opinion the use of the Miranda warnings in Afghanistan were in his opinion clearly part of President Barack Obama’s global justice initiative, he was referring to a program which has not been held as close to the chest by the administration as the apparent new Miranda warnings policy.
Oh, that dumbass.

Captured combatants ain't criminals. They don't get Miranda. We never Mirandized a simgle Iraqi we captured during Desert Storm, and we captured a bunch of them. We'd herd them into pens, feed them, treat their wounds, and try to get them some shade. That was about it. They were fortunate enough to be captured during a very short combat action. Most of them were back home a couple of weeks later.

If anyone had suggested that we Mirandize those poor unforunates, he would have been openly laughed at, derided for being a dumbass.

The combatants in Afghanistan may have to be penned a while longer. Until the war is over. Tough break for those guys, but they knew that when they signed up.

Either kill them or capture them, but don't treat them like criminals.

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Windy Wilson said...

I'll repeat what I said about this over at

"'Sie haben das Recht zum schweigsam bleiben . . .

Mr. Goering, do you understand these rights?'

Legalistic idiots!"

Goering would have been enormously offended. You know, if you were to do this to real soldiers you would probably have a revolt on your hands, because for real soldiers this would be the biggest dishonor possible. If the people we're fighting had any honor they'd be objecting to this from now until the second coming of Christ, but they won't, because they don't know the meaning of the word and look for every little chiseling advantage they can find, which is why they fight without unit markers and hide among women and children (I'm reading SLA Marshal's Crimsoned Prairie right now, and even the indians would not hide like the "insurgents" do).