Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Sacred Trust

It seems that our President wants to charge veterans for care provided for service-related injuries. Seriously.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance.
So, a guy or gal gets wounded fighting a war and the Obama administration wants them bill their insurance for the cost of care. Loverly. Simply loverly.

But, while campaigning, Senator Obama said this about that:
We all know that the sacred trust does not end when the uniform comes off. That’s why it’s time to build a 21st-century VA. No more red tape. It’s time to give every service member electronic copies of their medical records and service records upon discharge so that they can immediately get the services that they’ve earned. No more shortfalls. We’ll fully fund VA health care. No more delays. We’ll pass on-time budgets. No more means testing. It’s time to allow every veteran into the VA system.
If you doubt my transcript, the magic of YouTube has the video right here:

I'm wondering when General Shinseki will resign in disgust. This is a calculated slap in the face to veterans everywhere and demonstrates the contempt with which our President holds the military services in general and veterans in particular.

Every promise this guy makes comes with an expiration date.


Rivrdog said...

All the while he is preparing to give away all sorts of health care to ne'er-do-wells, Obama is going to force wounded war veterans to collect from their private insurance companies for VA treatment.

Problem with that: if those private Ins. Cos refuse to pay, by the terms of their contracts with the vets, the vets themselves are on the hook for the money the VA spent.

How is the Obama Administration going to handle THAT little problem?

Some have tried to say this is just more of the same that TriCare subscribers have had to do all along, but it isn't: Under TriCare rules (I've had Tricare for 5 1/2 years now), the GI is never responsible for anything more than a small co-payment. TriCare and your secondary insurer can beef all they want, but you, the GI, is never responsible.

Under the new plan, unless ALL the private insurance contracts are re-negotiated to read like a TriCare contract, the insured vet IS responsible for the un-reimbursed part of the medical bill.

Anonymous said...

I wrote my three Elected Weasels on Saturday when I first learned of this. Here's the "Dear Senator" version:

"I understand the Obama administration's proposed Veteran's Affairs
Department budget for next year includes a proposal to raise money by
billing veterans' private health insurance for some of the costs of
treating SERVICE-RELATED injuries, illnesses and disease. Such a proposal
is reprehensible and is an abrogation of our government's moral and legal
responsibility to care the men and women who have already sacrificed a
great deal for this country.

It was the "leadership" of the country who sent these veterans into harm's
way - the military doesn't declare war, Congress does - and now the
"leadership" doesn't want the responsibility for paying for the wounds of
their wars? That smells like a ceramic container of bovine excrement to
me. The government has a moral obligation to care for the injuries
veterans suffered while defending the country - anything less is

Please do everything in your power to remove this unacceptable proposal
from the VA Dept. budget. If that budget comes to the Senate floor with
the proposal still included, please vote NO on that budget."

Feel free to use any or all for your own letter(s) - I have no pride of ownership.......