Sunday, March 08, 2009

The moderate Taliban.

Yeah, you read that right.
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama says he hopes U.S. troops can identify moderate elements of the Taliban and move them toward reconciliation.
Moderate Taliban. That's like saying leftwing Klu Kluxer, or fundamentalist atheist, or some such nonsense. There is no moderate Taliban. There are plenty of moderate Afghanis, moderte Pakistanis, moderate lots of things, but no moderate Taliban.

I think our president is a foreign-policy idiot. He'd do better to leave foreign policy to Smokin' Joe and work on the economy. Oh, wait. He has been working on the economy.

We're screwed. So screwed.

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Windy Wilson said...

He'd do better to let Smokey Joe deal with the economy and Ms "baking cookies and standin by her man" deal with Foreign policy AFTER she spends a month in Afthanistan WITHOUT her identification or staff. That ought to help her get the idea of what's at stake.