Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dow's down again

Obama gave a speech last night

Today, the Dow dropped 80 points.

Is he trying to run us into the poor house?


Rivrdog said...

Ummm, wake up, PawPaw, we ARE in the Poor House.

Well, at least the NYSE notices....

Old NFO said...

It's working... sigh...

Windy Wilson said...

The Obamacle -- the economic equivalent of the Goracle?
Al Gore comes to town, temperatures drop to lowest on record.
Barak Obama speaks, and the NYSE plummets. He admires FDR, lets hope that his policies don't return us to that time.
Is THIS the change you hoped for?

oyster said...

Do you really want to start comparing stock market performance between Obama and Bush, or between Dems and Republicans?

After a massive net stock market LOSS during the TWO TERM Bush administration, a one day drop during the early days of an Obama administration is driving y'all to the poorhouse. The Dow has lost about 7000 points in the past year and a half, but it lost 80 after an Obama speech and now the world is going to end.

If any of you want to put your money where your complaining mouths are, and bet that the Dow during Obama's term (assuming he is re-elected) will underperform the net LOSSES of the Bush administration-- please contact me.